Birth Your Brainchild Webinar

Are you frustrated, disappointed or discouraged that the dreams and ideas in your head are still buried there?

Maybe you have a book idea, an app idea, a business idea, a company vision or a brand movement in the womb of your mind. But you keep suppressing the voice of your gift crying for expression from within.

You have watched years pass by and keep putting off your dreams, waiting for the right moment, the necessary tools, some cash flow or whatever it is you need.

Join me on Saturday 28th October by 12pm MT/2pm EST/ 7pm GMT depending on your time zone. I will be hosting you to a webinar tagged “Birth Your Brainchild”. This event is for 1 hour on a Saturday. 

Birth your brainchild

This power-packed webinar is for you if you’re pregnant with an idea, talent, skill or gift and you need help delivering your brainchild into the world without struggle or complications.

This is what I was born to do… help people like you birth your brainchild, if you let me!

If you are tired of carrying your ideas and dreams around like an overdue pregnancy, Click the button below to register for this webinar to learn how to unlock your creativity and unearth your buried gifts, talents, skills and potential.

Birth Your Brainchild

This webinar is for you if you have an idea, gift, knowledge, experience or skill that is dormant, suppressed, unrecognised or forgotten, and you need help releasing it into the world without struggle or complications. 

Tune into this webinar for actionable tips on how to:

  • Dig up your golden ideas, gifts or talents that have been suppressed or buried due to failure, fear or doubt.

  • Get just the right kind of inspiration that you need to nurture and deliver that infant-idea in the womb of your mind without complications.

  • Experience the joy and peace that comes with making a difference while releasing your ideas and gifts.

    If you read up to this point, then I am pretty darn sure that this is the webinar you have been waiting for!


    Now, this webinar is going to be like a mind surgery. In case you were hoping to get in for free, listen to this…

    Nobody goes to the hospital for a brain surgery, heart surgery or caesarean section and gets it done for free. Somebody always has to pay for it!

    So, what is being able to relieve your dreams and live the dreams that you have carried around for years with no possible solution worth to you?

    PS: For better perspective, to consult with me in a one-on-one strategy session normally starts at $1500 per hour. My speaking fee for a keynote presentation at events starts at $3000 per hour… 

    But you are going to have me in this webinar for 1 hour performing a mind surgery on you at a ridiculous, no-brainer investment point. This is the perfect example of what I call a “steal”.

    So, if your unfulfilled dreams, dormant ideas, unrecognised talent, untapped skills, or unappreciated knowledge means anything to you, enough to invest a tiny amount of money in birthing your brainchild, use the register button to save a spot. 


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