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How You Got Me Pregnant
How You Got Me Pregnant

How You Got Me Pregnant!

Before you hang me on the stakes, burn me alive, crucify me or stone me to death for saying you got me pregnant, please hear me out! Will you? Just hear my story and if after hearing this you deny this pregnancy, then so be it!

In 2019, I spoke at a conference that had 1,200 attendees. My presentation was tagged “Creativity Accelerator”. It was an explosive presentation that transformed the lives of many.

Creativity Accelerator Keynote 2019
Creativity Accelerator Keynote 2019

After I returned back to my seat from the podium and rested a while, basking in the energy of the moment, a gentleman tapped me and expressed gratitude for my delivery. He then asked if I had a book that contained the insights I just shared.

At this time, I already had 7 books to my name, so he was hopeful that my answer would be a “yes”.

Since I had a book on creativity titled “Unlocking Your Kingdom Creativity“, I recommended that to him and told him that what I had shared that day was not in the book.

Unlocking Kingdom Creativity
Unlocking Your Creativity Book


He was disappointed… he asked if I could write a book that would capture the powerful creativity-laden insights I had bombarded the audience with that day.

Seeing the raw desire in his eyes, I made a promise to him that I would write a book on that.

It has been 5 years since then and I can confirm that the book he asked for which is titled “Ignite Your Creativity” is getting close to being ready.

The Day You Got Me Pregnant

I still remember vividly that day when I got impregnated with this brainchild (Ignite Your Creativity book) about to be born. It was 14th September 2019.

The gentleman who wanted to know if I had a book about what I had shared was very fervent and effusive in his inquiry.

He believed those inspiring thoughts about creativity which I had dished out were timeless and needed to be baked into a book.

Now here’s why I held on to the promise I made until this day. I remember that moment, when he requested for the book. As I looked into his eyes, I saw you! I saw you yearning for a book that could help you ignite your creativity. I saw you and millions of others around the world clamouring for this brainchild.

That was how YOU got me pregnant… in the womb of my mind!

Ignite Your Creativity

I Considered Aborting This Brainchild

Now all I ask of you is please do not deny this baby. Just own up to this brainchild that I have carried in the belly of my mind for 5 years.

There were stomach cramps of uncertainty, periods of uneasiness, and sleepless nights. I carried this baby bump of ideas wherever I went, feeling the mental kicks of this baby that sometimes left my brain throbbing.

At some point, I considered aborting this brainchild when the demands of my 9-5 job was taking its toll on my ability to carry this baby around in the bowels of my mind. But then again, when I thought of it, all I saw in my mind’s eye was you telling me that I could do it, and that we could make this work. And you know what? I believed you! I believed we could make it work. I realized the immense potential of this brainchild and the transformative impact it could have on countless lives.

It was this realization that kept me going, pushing through the discomfort and embracing the growth that came with it.

Just like an expectant mother who chooses to nurture and bring forth new life, I made the decision to wholeheartedly embrace the birth of “Ignite Your Creativity.”

After I crossed that Bridge

So, after I got pregnant, and overcame the temptation to abort, for the next 5 years I went about with this seed like an expectant mother.

I started doing and eating only things that will support the growth of this brainchild in the womb of my mind. Interestingly, the baby has a name, and it was not chosen by me.

Fans of this baby selected a name on Facebook when I announced years ago that I was pregnant with a book and described to them what it was going to look like. They named our baby “Ignite your Creativity”!

Ignite Your Creativity
Ignite Your Creativity

So I’m happy to let you know that I have made the final push to deliver this baby, you should check it out here and you’ll be glad you did.

PS: If you would like to invite me for a presentation on any of my creativity-stirring themes, or you want to add me to the line-up of speakers for your conference or event, you can contact me here.

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