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How to Make Millions as an Authorpreneur

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How to write a book, become an authorpreneur and generate a steady Six figure income by Self-publishing and Automating the Stories, Knowledge, Skills or Experience you Currently have


How to Make Millions as an Authorpreneur
How to Make Millions as an Authorpreneur

Do you have any knowledge, story, skill or experience that can add value to people? Do you know you can make millions from your current knowledge or stories by being an author-preneur? Do you know that your book does not need to be a bestseller for you to make millions from your craft? Do you want to generate a steady six to seven figure income from your message as a thought leader? Then this book is for you. In this book you will learn:

• How to start, develop and finish a book project.
• More than 7 ways to self-publish your book profitably
• More than 10 different streams of income that can fetch you money from one book idea.
• 12 practical principles to help you make millions as an author-preneur.
• 14 different profitable book ideas that can fetch you millions.
• 15 categories of people that will buy your books.
• How to do an online and a traditional book launch profitably.
• How to sell and market your books profitably.
• What you must know before investing your money into printing and self-publishing hard copies. And lots more…


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