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What is Fourth Dimensional Thinking?

4th Dimensional Thinking
4th Dimensional Thinking

The Concept of 4th Dimensional Thinking

The world we see today did not emerge from the third dimension of existence. In other words, the things we see with our optical eyes and touch with our hands came from the invisible realm of the fourth dimension. And only people who can tune into that frequency can explore Fourth Dimensional Thinking possibilities.

We live in a world littered with problems that seem to have no solution or better put, have solutions that have not been pulled out from the fourth dimension, in order to be brought into the 3D world of space and time.

This is largely because most of us have become limited by our 3D way of thinking. There is a reason why you have a mind with such a great degree of power. But most people only exercise the 3D potential of their minds, not knowing that it could do more.

Every man who ever did anything great in both ancient and contemporary times tapped into the 4th dimension either knowingly or without knowing. This includes the men of old and the modern-day inventors and creators. That is why I believe this article is the only article you would need to understand fourth dimensional thinking.

You need a mind surgery if you must experience the kind of mind-shift that births innovation, reinvention and creativity. And as you read, your mind would undergo a surgical operation that would shift your paradigm for good.

We live in a world full of men who are distinguished by their dimensions of thinking.

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What is A Dimension of Thinking?


A dimension of thinking can be seen as the way things, situations, problems and circumstances appear to a person, when viewed from a certain direction or perspective.

Simply put, your dimension can also be seen as your plane of existence or plane of reasoning, and it reflects on how you see things.

This plays a pivotal role in determining how you view the circumstances or problems you face at your home, office, business, school and in life generally.

Your dimension also affects your approach toward problem-solving and this holds a serious impact in how much you experience the upward and forward movement we know as progress.

The Power of Dimension

To be full of talent is not a one-way ticket to success. There are many talented individuals who are nothing near success. Also, to be highly skilled is not a guarantee that you would fulfil your destiny in a grand style.

There are lots of skilled people all over the world who are yet broke, depressed, and frustrated. It gets even worse when they have skills but it seems that their skills cannot deliver them.

Your success in your life’s endeavors is actually tied to having the right mindset and that is the kind of mentality and thought process produced by Fourth Dimensional Thinking. I have met many skillful and talented people who never fully exposed their potential.

They limited themselves by allowing their fears cage them. They therefore end up always struggling in the local league staying average and always seeking the path of least resistance in pursuit of purpose. In the light of this, the power of dimension is a major defining factor.

What makes a man with skill, talent or intellect become an achiever is a function of the dimension of his vision, thinking and mentality. If you would like to go into deeper details, you should get a copy of “4D Thinking” on Amazon here:


Zero-Dimensional Thinking

Zero-dimensional thinking is the kind of thought pattern that keeps a man on a spot for a very long period in his life, without any notable advancement. Are you stuck at the same level or place for too long? Or you seem to be having the same result for God-knows-how-long and you want to break out of that cocoon of stagnation.

Then you must do away with what I call the zero-dimensional thinking. It is a very subtle thinking pattern that comes with complacency. That false feeling of self-achievement you give yourself when you have refused to add more value to yourself.

There are people from different walks of life in this dimension of thinking. These are people who refuse to develop themselves and add value to themselves.

Even when they see other people making advancements, they say to themselves, “that man is doing some shady deals, that is why he is getting promoted”; meanwhile, they have no facts to back such erroneous claims up.

They only talk that way because they do not want to examine themselves or push themselves out of their comfort zones.

One of the best ways to jump out of this cage is this:

When you see yourself producing the same results repeatedly, with nothing or no one to challenge you to pace up and move you out from your comfort zone, whether it be in your office, industry, society, state or trade, you should begin to look for new challenges.

If you don’t, you would stay in one spot all your fruitful years, then wake up one day to discover that you could have become more and done more than what you settled for.

Refuse to be the one-eyed man who became king because he was in the city of the blind.

A lot of people do not get to the peak of their creativity and productivity because of the fear of risking their golden crown of mediocrity.

Hence, they have remained local champions when they could have themselves become a global phenomenon, making waves in a world-wide scale.

One-Dimensional Thinking


When I was much younger, I was very passionate about singing. Trust me, I had a good singing voice and joined both the local choir and the mass choir of my local church.

I became one of the best tenor back-up singers, if not the best. I loved being a back-up singer because I had this sonorous harmony that I brought to a song whenever I backed up.

I had a friend who was also an excellent singer with an operatic voice. He was a very good lead singer, praise leader, pianist and a guitarist. We were in the campus choir and had an event in the city to plan for.

My friend spoke to me about being the lead praise singer for the event that was coming up. He thought I could do well in that role as much as I did in my back-up role and even better but I thought otherwise. I resisted that thought so vehemently.

I just wanted to remain in that path of being the back-up singer and stop there. But I had potential to become a lead-singer.

I had capacity for more and my friend who was a great instrumentalist and lead solo worshipper, kept telling me that I could do it.

I refused and was afraid because I had been a one-dimensional thinker with regards to my singing abilities.

I finally broke out of that paradigm and took the challenge. As a result, I became one of the finest and most-sought-for praise leaders of my day.

One-dimensional thinkers put their confidence in systems that are not future-proof.

They think they have job security so they remain one-sided in their approach to life, business and career.

If only they knew that what secures a man’s job or business are not systems but his ability to innovate and reinvent himself, his career or his business.


Difference Between One-Dimensional Thinkers and Zero-Dimensional Thinkers

While a zero-dimensional thinker does not make any form of advancement at all, a one-dimensional thinker moves unidirectionally but slowly, along one path, with one style or method that he believes worked before for him or for others. He therefore stays on this lineal path and makes some little progressive movements while refusing to diversify.

Even when the opportunity or need for reinvention shows up, he refuses to break out. He therefore becomes stuck in a tradition and shuns innovation.

People who operate at this level continue to move in one pattern and refuse to diversify even when such opportunities avail itself.

They are too regimented and maintain strict but unproductive routines.

This pattern of progress is not totally bad. At least compared to zero-dimensional pattern of remaining in one spot with no movement or progress at all, it is much better.

Many businesses have gone the way of dinosaurs due to this one-dimensional pattern of thinking. It is a mindset that sticks to a method because it worked for them or for others previously.

Even when the method seems obsolete, archaic and is failing they hold fast to their limited progression.

They forget that radical change does not happen in arithmetic progression or even geometric progression. It happens swiftly and sometimes at the speed of lightening.

If change happens at geometric rate then we must advance at an astronomic rate to pioneer great revolutions. Change happens every moment even when we are asleep.

Hence, we must be changing too inwardly in our perception, perspective and dimension of thinking. For more on creativity, read this  blog: What is creativity?

Creativity Picture
What is Creativity?

Since no great invention or phenomenon ever came about with one-dimensional approach to things, we cannot afford to get stuck at this level if we would truly expose our potential and extract our superpowers.

People in this box are too fearful of losing or sacrificing what they have in their hands for the greater good.

Instead of channeling that fear of failure into proper research and well-informed exploration to test, experiment and discover new vistas, they hedge themselves in and fail to seize the chance to remain relevant.

Two-Dimensional Thinking

While one-dimensional thinkers are too fastened to the traditional ways of doing things and hence are incapable of experiencing the dynamic results that creativity brings, two dimensional thinkers are different.

They move in a random and haphazard manner as they head toward their dreams and visions.

Two-dimensional thinkers always compare themselves and measure themselves with people. They are enslaved to other people’s opinions of them and always try to please people.

Don’t live your life like an undulating graph that moves up and down along the x and y axis.

Function from a better plane of thought and emotion, put your mind and affections on things beyond the earth and beyond the opinions of men. That’s one way to stay in the fourth dimensional realm of thinking.


Three-Dimensional Thinking – How to Think outside this Box!


Three-dimensional thinking is a very powerful dimension of thinking that is currently being explored by millions of great thinkers, researchers, scientists, inventors, engineers, developers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians and others today and this is commendable.

We live in a world of time and space where we depend heavily on our natural senses of touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. This is a blessing because we live in a physical world and must take advantage of the tools available to us for interaction with our environment.

We can borrow a lesson from mathematics in order to understand what 3D Thinking is really all about.

In geometry, the parameters for a 3 dimensional cube is said to be length, breadth and height/depth. Now, there is so much revelation and understanding we can derive from that simple geometrical statement.

First of all, we can clearly deduce that there are three parameters that characterize the third dimension. Drawing inspiration from that, I have discovered that in third-dimensional thinking, the individual is boxed in by the length, breadth, depth and height of the foundations of his thought. I will explain what this means briefly.

The Length

The length of man’s thinking represents how long he has carried a particular thought which has now formed his belief system. It also speaks of how long he has studied a particular subject matter. This is part of what forms the third dimension of thinking.

The Width/ Breadth

Another aspect of three-dimensional thinking is the breadth or width and this speaks of how wide the individual in this realm has gone in his explorative discoveries of possibilities and realities that exist in this 3D world.

Some of the ways to gain this kind of vastness is to be a frequent traveler or to interact with different cultures and gain exposure. Reading books can also do that for your thinking and make you vast.

Studying different courses to acquire new sets of skills and to acquire several degrees can also make you versatile. It can give you a knowledge of different things and make you become a generalist.

This is also a great thing to have but there is definite more in the fourth dimensional realm than this can offer.

For further study on how to ignite your into creativity, grab a copy of my latest book titled: Ignite Your Creativity.

Ignite Your Creativity
Ignite Your Creativity

The Depth/Height

Let us now talk about the depth or height of 3 Dimensional thinking. This speaks of how deeply one has researched a body of knowledge or how high he has climbed in his thirst for knowledge.

This is a powerful aspect of the physical world or the 3-D world. A wise man once said that there is nothing new under the sun.

There is a natural law at work in this world as we see history repeat itself every now and then. The annals of history are replete with different events, trends, occurrences and phenomenon that man has witnessed in the process of time.

People who become specialists in a particular field are men and women of depth. They have engaged in deep research and deep thinking in that field and have become authorities by so doing.

Most of the smart men on this planet today, function only at this realm or in the other realms beneath the 3D plane of thinking, which were discussed previously. They get astounding results and sometimes stumble on some signals from the 4D perspective without knowing.

A few are open-minded enough to use such signals for the good of all but most of these people shut down these solution-signals.

Having said that, the challenge with 3D thinking is that there are no absolute results. The results are sometimes based on empirical knowledge, estimations, postulations and guesses.

That means facts that we base our decisions on in the 3-D world are transient and subject to change.

For example, that course you studied in school three years ago has evolved and the knowledge you stuffed your brain with now needs to either be updated or completed thrashed. Science has evolved.

What used to be a scientifically accepted fact can change based on hypothesis and new research discoveries.

Hence, we cannot rely solely on third-dimensional thinking. We have to upgrade to a better realm and perspective in our thinking and living.

What is Fourth Dimensional Thinking?

A layman’s way of explaining 4D thinking is, thinking from the fourth dimensional realm and bringing those ideas into the 3D world where we can experience and benefit from them.

It also involves thinking in a revolutionary way or in a manner that disrupts the status quo and births new possibilities and realities. This is that producer of results that can be measured in only exponential and astronomical rates.

4D Thinking vs 3D Thinking

The 4D realm can also be seen as the realm of the spirit. No wonder life is spiritual. 4D thinking trumps 3D thinking anytime any day. It is from the fourth dimensional realm everything that we see and touch today come from.

This is the realm where God exists and this realm has control and power over everything that goes on in the third dimensional realm.

The solutions to your immediate unsolved problems whether it be personal, career, business or family-related, are floating in the fourth-dimensional realm as signals and these signals require 4D thinkers to pick them up and produce them as solutions in the 3D world.

When you pick up these solution-signals from the 4-D realm, it becomes an idea.

Fourth dimensional thinking has no regard for the existing systems or how long things have been done a particular way for long.

People who function in this realm study the systems of the 3D world but flip the switch when it is time to proffer solutions to the problems that embattle people and systems in this realm.

They pull out solutions in the form of ideas from the 4D world via 4D thinking.

There was a man named R.G. LeTourneau. I like to refer to him as a Kingdom business man. As a matter of fact, people called him “God’s Businessman” in his days because he was devoted to several kingdom-oriented philanthropic causes and believed that he did not have to be a preacher to serve God.

He was of the belief system that God wants us to serve him in the work places by the kind of work we do also and this is such an excellent description of who a kingdom business man is and how he thinks.

He was the prolific inventor of earth moving machinery. During the Second World War, he supplied the Allied Forces with about 70% of their machinery.

This man designed and built machines that were years and sometimes decades ahead of his time. He secured over 300 patents that were related to earth moving equipment.

This man was a drop-out with no formal education, he taught himself some of the things he later learned but was able to pioneer the manufacturing advancements of his day. Why? He was a 4D thinker! He was reported to be working at a construction site one day when he began to see visions of earth-moving equipment.

At that time, they were still working with trucks and shovels, but he received signals from the fourth dimensional realms and impacted the third dimensional physical world from 4D thinking.

He took note of those 4D designs and went into machinery production, thereby impacting the 3-D world from the fourth dimension.

What do you think makes two men go check a piece of property and one of them looks at the run-down property and says, “nothing good can come out of this place, it is a waste of time and money”; while the other person says, “Wow, I see a great recreational and leisure center that will attract visitors from all over the country”? One is looking with a 4D perspective, beyond what is seen, while the other is looking from a 3-D perspective.


Fourth-Dimensional Creativity

From personal research, observation, insights and revelations, I have derived an equation for creativity. That equation says that [Creativity = Thinking + Production].

That is to say creativity is not complete until thinking is met with production. In the light of this truth, I have taken the derivation of this simple equation a step further to enable you understand what 4-D Creativity means.

Therefore, the simple meaning of 4-D Creativity is [4-D Creativity = 4-D Thinking + 4-D Production]. Simply put,

Fourth Dimensional Creativity is a concept that involves inventing structures and infrastructures for the production of the ideas that came about through fourth dimensional thinking.

Henry Ford is famous for the invention of cars even though he did not invent cars. Karl Benz, the pioneer of Mercedes Benz was the actual inventor of cars but his cars were way too expensive so Henry Ford came on the scene and brought a crazy idea.

Due to how impactful Henry Ford was on the everyday lives of Americans, his name became synonymous to the manufacture and even falsely so, the invention of cars.

He believed that there could be a car in front of every house. He wanted to make cars available and affordable to average people and he didn’t consider the fact that it had not been done before, when he nursed that vision.

He went ahead to bring transformation to global civilization because he saw a possibility in what was once impossible. That was 4D thinking at work.

However, 4D thinking alone could not and did not deliver the results that emanated from Henry Ford’s bright idea. He needed to solve the problem that comes with problem solving. His 4D idea was not enough because there were no infrastructures on ground to make it happen just the way it was in his head. He therefore needed 4D creativity to bring the 4D idea he had to life.

He had to invent the structures and infrastructure to produce millions of cars in record time. He had to invent the assembly-line system of production in order to achieve his 4D dream.

What we know as mass-production today was an invention that came about as Henry Ford was trying to invent cheap and affordable cars in numerous quantities.

Additional Reading: 5 Proven Steps to Tap into Fourth Dimensional Creativity

Fourth Dimensional Creativity
Fourth Dimensional Creativity

How to Solve Complex Problems – The Problem that comes with Solving Problems

The problem that comes with problem solving is more problems but it can be solved with 4D thinking and 4D creativity. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic that began in China around late December 2019 and spread into other nations around the world in March 2020, different nations began to take measures to solve the problem caused by the virus spread which was majorly loss of lives.

In order to curtail further spread of the virus therefore, big nations and world powers like United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Canada, Nigeria and the likes began to shut down their economies, borders and countries.

Offices, businesses, sports, airports, public gatherings and everything was shut down, because they were trying to solve the immediate problem of the spreading Corona virus and the deaths it had brought to hundreds of thousands of lives.

However, they created new problems by trying to solve the problems they were faced with. People were made to stay at home or work from home. Then the problem of hunger arose in some countries and the United Nations began to predict that there would be food crises because of increased demand of food and bulk purchases.

More problems surfaced as businesses began folding up, people started panic-buying, while organizations were laying off workers, football clubs were cutting down the pay of footballers and sacking their staffs.

Private firms could no longer continue paying their workers except with government intervention and lots more. Governments on the other hand were embattled with the crisis as the burden of governance increased with the need to either produce or import test kits, produce or buy more ventilators, give stimulus financial packages to cushion the effect of the lockdown on their economies, while maintaining a balance in society and ensuring security.

All of these paints a graphic picture of how sometimes, attempting to solve one problem begets more problems!

When trying to solve a problem, a more disturbing problem rears its ugly head because most problems are like octopus in behavior. That means, they have many different extensions and could produce an unprecedented chain reaction that bring about bigger problems. There is however, a way to solve the problem that comes with problem solving.

Only 4D Creativity can bring a holistic solution to problems and it takes being a person who is awakened to the Spirit of God to function in this realm.

That is why you must unlock your creativity. This is so because, trying to solve one problem begets other problems, hence only a 4-D thinker and a kingdom creative can solve problems holistically. One man produced cars to solve the problem of transportation, but created other problems like need for petrol in large quantities, global warming, etc.

Another man invented Steam engine for railway to solve a problem, but other problems surfaced as a result. The need for coal and other energy sources, the need for rails, the huge demand for manpower, huge demand for steel, etc.

Only God the Creator knows the end of a problem because He is the beginning and the end. He alone can give you a series of ideas that would solve a problem and it’s collateral damage holistically.

That’s why you need to unlock your 4D thinking and 4D creativity.

If you would like to invite me to deliver a presentation or keynote at your event, conference or organisation, reach out via this form.

Let me know what questions you have about 4D Thinking in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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