5 Steps to Overcome Creative Blocks and Unlock Your Potential
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Unleashing Your Potential: How to Overcome Creative Blocks

In today’s fast-paced world, where innovation drives success, creativity is more than an asset—it’s a necessity. Yet, for many, unlocking creative potential remains a daunting challenge. Recently, I had the privilege of diving deep into this subject with Maggie Mills, a veteran writer, ghostwriter, and coach with an extensive background in publishing, on the “Creativity Boost” podcast. Together, we explored the intricacies of creative blocks, the journey of birthing ideas, and how individuals can transcend their limitations to unleash their creative prowess.

steps to overcome creative blocks

Overcoming Creative Blocks: Understanding the Beast

One of the first points we tackled was the nature of creative blocks. Maggie emphasized that these blocks often stem from self-sabotaging beliefs. People hinder their creative outputs with excuses rooted in fear—fear of inadequacy, fear of judgment, or simply fear of failure. 

They tell themselves they’re too busy, not skilled enough, or that their ideas are unworthy. Yet, at the intersection of desire and action lies the potential to overcome these blocks. It’s about making creativity a priority and embracing the belief that you possess the capacity for innovation, regardless of the challenges that may come your way.

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The Role of Support in the Creative Process

A recurring theme in our discussion was the invaluable role that support systems play in the creative process. Maggie likened herself to a “mind surgeon” or “midwife” for ideas, assisting individuals in bringing their concepts from the realm of thought into tangible existence. 

She shared insights into how, like a midwife aids in the birth process, a supportive mentor or coach can provide the necessary guidance, encouragement, and expertise to help navigate the often tumultuous journey of creativity.

Listen to the full interview here.

Stories of Creativity in Action

During our conversation, we delved into personal anecdotes and broader observations that shed light on the dynamics of creativity. I shared my own experiences, recounting how after years of nurturing an idea for a book, I finally brought it to fruition, only by acknowledging that the perfect time would never come. It was a matter of prioritizing my creative endeavor above the myriad distractions of daily life.

Maggie shared stories of individuals who, despite facing what society labels as ‘disabilities’, were able to channel their unique perspectives into creative outputs that defy the norms. She highlighted how these perceived limitations often open up avenues for unparalleled innovation and creativity.

Common Myths and Roadblocks

In our exploration of creativity, several myths surfaced. One prominent misconception is the belief that creativity is a talent bestowed upon a select few. We debunked this, affirming that creativity is an inherent trait across humanity, waiting to be nurtured and expressed. Another myth is the notion that creativity is solely the domain of ‘new ideas’. Maggie stressed that creativity also involves connecting existing ideas in novel ways or adapting them to new contexts.

In discussing roadblocks, the topic of fear repeatedly emerged. Fear of criticism, fear of the unknown, and fear of inadequacy are formidable barriers. Yet, they’re not insurmountable. As Maggie eloquently put, stepping out in faith towards what brings joy and fulfillment, rather than succumbing to fear, paves the way for true creative expression. 

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Strategies/Steps to Overcome Creative Blocks

Throughout our dialogue, a variety of strategies for overcoming creative blocks were identified. These include:

  1. Self-Belief and Prioritization:

    Developing a deep-seated belief in one’s ability to create and making creativity a non-negotiable priority.

  2. Break Down Tasks:

    Instead of viewing the creative process as an overwhelming monolith, breaking it into manageable tasks can make the journey more approachable.

  3. Change Your Scenery:

    For some, a change in environment can stimulate creativity. Whether it’s moving from a quiet home office to a bustling café or vice versa, finding the space where your creativity thrives is key.

  4. Seek Support:

    Engage with mentors, coaches, or supportive communities can provide the necessary encouragement and feedback to keep moving forward.

  5. Embrace Failure:

    Understand that failure is a part of the creative process and an opportunity for learning and growth rather than a dead-end.

The Future of Creativity

In our closing reflections, Maggie and I contemplated the future of creativity. We envisioned a world where creative expression is not only accepted but celebrated and encouraged across all spheres of life. Where individuals are empowered to overcome their fears and societal constraints to bring their unique ideas to life.

We underscored the importance of fostering a culture that values creativity, not just for its economic benefits but for its ability to enrich human experience and understanding. A future where creativity is seen as a communal asset, and everyone is encouraged to contribute their voice to the collective tapestry of human innovation.

Conclusion: Dealing with Creative Blocks

Our discussion on the “Creativity Boost” podcast was a deep dive into the essence of creativity itself. We explored the universal challenges creatives face, debunked myths that hinder creative expression, and highlighted strategies for overcoming blocks. Through our conversation, it became evident that creativity is not just about producing art or new ideas; it’s a fundamentally human endeavor that encompasses all aspects of life.

As we wrapped up, both Maggie and I were reminded of the transformative power of creativity. It has the capacity to not only change individual lives but also reshape societies and forge new pathways for the future. For anyone standing at the cusp of creation, doubting their potential or fearing the unknown, let this dialogue serve as a beacon of encouragement. Your ideas are valuable, your potential is limitless, and the world awaits your creative contributions.

As Maggie Mills says, “The ability to type does not make you a writer. The idea, the thoughts, the material, the content is what makes you an author.” Similarly, whatever your medium or method, it is your unique perspective and imagination that pave the way for creativity. Embrace it, nurture it, and dare to share it with the world.

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