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Becoming A More Creative Thinker


How To Think More Creative


Four Essential Moves to Ignite Your Creative Engine


Many years ago, on a bone-chilling winter day with temperatures plummeting to minus 38 degrees, I found myself in a predicament. My car, parked outside, refused to start, its battery drained. For hours, I tried to breathe life into it, but each futile attempt only drained the battery further, leaving me feeling desperate and frozen. Just when hope seemed lost, a good Samaritan appeared with a kit to jumpstart my battery, and in four simple moves, my car roared back to life.


This experience isn’t just about cars; it’s a profound metaphor for life and creativity. Many people feel stuck in their journey—whether it’s their career, business, or creative endeavors. Their “engine of creativity” lacks the spark to move from where they are to where they need to be. This feeling of being stuck is common, and today, we’ll explore how to ignite your creative engine and move forward with purpose.

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The Problem: Feeling Stuck in Creativity

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck? Like you can’t progress from where you are to where you want to be? Your energy is drained, and your creative engine just won’t start. You need an external power source, a methodical approach to overcome this stuck state.


Four Moves to Jumpstart Your Creativity

To understand how to unlock your creativity, let’s draw a parallel with the steps needed to jumpstart a car:

1. External Power Source: Just like you need an external power source to jumpstart a car, you need an external influence or inspiration to boost your creativity.
2. Open the Hood: This symbolizes opening your mind to new possibilities and ideas.
3. Connect the Terminals: Connecting with resources, people, or practices that fuel your creativity.
4. Turn on the Ignition: Finally, take action. Implement your ideas with confidence.


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The Right Order Matters

The order in which you do these steps is crucial. If you try to start the ignition without connecting the terminals or opening the hood, you’ll remainstuck. This analogy applies directly to our creative processes.

Many people fail to manifest their creativity because they do things in the wrong order. They have ideas but don’t know how to transform them into profitable creations or solutions. This misalignment often stems from not having the right steps dialed in.

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Four Essential Moves for Creative Success

To truly jumpstart your creativity and move from idea to profitable creation, you need to ensure you’re following these four moves:

1. Being: Understand your identity, purpose, and belief systems.
2. Feel: Cultivate the right emotions and energy.
3. Think: Engage your mind in the right way, which involves brainstorming, mindstorming, and spirit storming.
4. Act: Take informed and inspired actions.



Before anything else, you need to have a clear sense of who you are and what you believe in. This foundational understanding influences every creative endeavor.



Your emotions and energy play a pivotal role in creativity. Positive feelings fuel your creative processes, while negativity can block your creative flow.

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Unlocking Your Creativity and 4D Thinking
Unlocking Your Creativity and 4D Thinking


To think creatively, you need to:

Brainstorm: Engage your intellectual mind to generate a pool of ideas.
Mindstorm: Utilize your subconscious mind through intuition and dreams.
Spirit Storm: Tap into the deeper, often spiritual, aspects of creativity to access unseen realms of inspiration.



With your being, feel, and think in alignment, it’s time to act. Implement your creative ideas, and transform them into tangible outcomes.

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Conclusion: Becoming a Creative Thinker

When you have these four moves—being, feel, think, and act—properly dialed in, you can overcome any creative block. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, these steps can help you manifest your creativity and achieve remarkable results.

If you found value in this discussion, check out my previous posts on “Being” and “Feel.” Stay tuned for the next episode, where I will delve into how to “Act” creatively. Your creativity is ready to be ignited—take these steps and watch your creative engine come to life.

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